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CorelDRAW - Syllabus, Fees & Duration

Module 1: Introduction to CorelDRAW

  • Installing CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2019
  • Basics of CorelDRAW
    • Vector Graphics and Bitmaps
    • Starting and Opening Drawings
    • Previewing Drawings
    • Viewing Modes
    • Saving and Closing Drawings
  • CorelDRAW Workspace
  • Creative Tools and Content
  • Touchscreen and Wheel Devices

Module 2: Lines, Shapes, and Outlines

  • Lines, Outlines, and Brushstrokes
  • Shapes and Shape Objects
  • Symmetrical Drawing

Module 3: Working with Objects, Symbols, and Layers

  • Introduction to Objects
  • Linking and Embedding Objects
  • Layers and Symbols
  • Managing and Tracking Projects

Module 4: Colour, Fills, and Transparencies

  • Colour
    • Colour Models and Depth
    • Choosing Colours
    • Creating and Editing Colour Palettes
  • Uniform Fills and Fountain Fills
  • Vector and Bitmap Pattern Fills
  • Texture, PostScript, and Mesh Fills
  • Object Transparency
  • Managing Colours

Module 5: Exploring Special Effects

  • Lenses
  • Adding 3D Effects
  • Mosaics

Module 6: Working with Text

  • Adding and Manipulating Text
  • Formatting Text
  • Managing Fonts
  • Writing Tools

Module 7: Templates and Styles

  • Templates
    • Using and Finding Templates
    • Managing Templates
    • Creating and Editing Templates
  • Introducing Styles and Style Sets
    • Creating, Applying, and Editing Styles and Style Sets
    • Managing Default Object Properties
    • Importing and Exporting Style Sheets
  • Colour Styles
    • Creating and Applying Colour Styles
    • Editing and Viewing Colour Styles
    • Exporting and Importing Colour Styles

Module 8: Pages and Layout

  • Pages and Layout Tools
    • Page Layout and Background
    • Adding and Deleting Pages
    • Rulers
    • Document Grid and Pixel Grid
  • Tables
    • Adding Tables
    • Selecting, Moving, and Navigating Table Components
    • Inserting and Deleting Table Rows and Columns
    • Formatting Tables and Cells
    • Converting Tables to Text

Module 9: Introduction to Bitmaps

  • Working with Bitmaps
    • Converting Vector Graphics to Bitmaps
    • Importing and Cropping Bitmaps
    • Bitmap Dimensions and Resolution
    • Straightening Bitmaps
    • Image Adjustment Lab
    • Adjusting Colour and Tone
    • Tone Curve Filter
  • Special Effects Categories
  • Bitmap Colour Modes
  • Introducing Trace
    • RAW Camera Files

Module 10: Web Graphics

  • File Formats
    • Importing and Exporting Files
    • Exporting to PDF
    • Supported File Formats
  • Customising and Automating
    • Setting Basic Preferences
    • Customising CorelDRAW
    • Using Macros and Scripts for Automating Ta
  • Download Syllabus - CorelDRAW
Course Fees

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CorelDRAW internship jobs in Manama

CorelDRAW Internship/Course Details

CorelDRAW CorelDraw is also known in several names just like the Corel' Graphics Suite, Corel Photo-Paint, and alternative graphics-related programs. it is a mixture of advanced illustration, image editing, designing planning, vector graphics, page layout designing, typography, pre-press layout designing, and plenty of extra options in one pack. It provides each necessary and value-adding tool for the artistic professionals and aspiring designers who wish to show their imagination into an incredible kind of art. Our coaching session is taken in pleasant surroundings and thus members will perceive the ideas simply. it is meant to change two-dimensional pictures, for example, logos, banners, and so on. It's quite probably the foremost thought of illustrations progressing to a program accessible on the lookout. it is simply accessible in other designing software because It works with file format PNG and CDR. small businesses that turn out in-house promoting materials also benefit from the amazing capabilities of this software. . CorelDraw Graphics Suite programming is accessible on the lookout, and once introduced on the computer, you will get effectively started together with your realistic planning work.

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